Collect and redeem the very best Moments from the NBA Playoffs as they unfold.

Each pack purchased also comes with the chance of other Rare, Legendary, and even 1-of-1 Ultimate Moments.



An Interactive Collectible

Every postseason team will have 3 Redemptions to collect for the NBA Playoffs. The further each team advances, the scarcer their team's collectibles become.




Use your Stars Redemption to acquire Playoffs Moments from star players.




Use your Wild Card Redemption to acquire Playoff Moments from role players who rise to the occasion.



Limited to #/999

You can use your Rare Redemptions to secure the best Playoff Moments each round.



✧ predict the playoffs ✧ rip packs ✧ live the moments

✧ predict the playoffs ✧ rip packs ✧ live the moments

✧ predict the playoffs ✧ rip packs ✧ live the moments

✧ predict the playoffs ✧ rip packs ✧ live the moments


Predict the Playoffs and get rewarded.

Collect all of the Playoff Moments (and Redemptions) from the NBA champions to earn an NBA champion's reward.

Complete the Best of 2024 NBA Playoffs Rare Set and earn a guaranteed right to buy an NBA Finals Legendary Pack.

Lock all the NBA champion's Fandom and Rare Moments + Redemptions to earn an NBA Finals Legendary pack.

redemptions hub


Click the link below and start Redeeming your Moments now.



What are Redemptions?

Redemptions are the best way to predict & live the NBA playoffs. As each series concludes, collectors will be given opportunities to redeem new playoff Moments from each series.

How do I obtain Redemptions?

Redemptions can be found either in:

- Fandom Packs for each Playoff Team (mint to demand until April 24th)
- Rare Redemption Packs (available while supplies last)

Or the NBA Top Shot Redemptions Marketplace

How do I redeem my Redemption?

After each Playoff series ends, visit the Redemptions Hub to select which new Playoffs Moment you want to redeem. 

Collectors can only use their Redemption for the Stars or Wild Card it belongs to on a 1:1 basis. Note: the serial number of a Redemption has no bearing on the serial number of the Moment it's redeemed for. Shop for specific serial numbers at your own discretion.

For example, a Wild Card Redemption -> Wild Card Moment

After redeeming, when will i receive the Playoff Moments?

At the end of each Redemption window, Playoff Moments will be distributed within 48 hours.

For example, if you redeem earlier in the Redemption window there will be a short waiting period as we collect all other collector redemptions before we distribute Moments.

Which Sets are Redemptions and Playoffs Moments in?

Fandom Redemptions exist in The Champion’s Path Set, and when redeemed, they create Fandom Moments in the 2024 NBA Playoffs Set.

Rare Redemptions exist in The Champion’s Path Set, and when redeemed, they create Rare Moments in the Best of 2024 NBA Playoffs Set.

Do I get any rewards for collecting the full Playoffs sets?

The Champion’s Path & Reward

Once an NBA champion has been crowned, collectors will have the opportunity to earn an exclusive NBA Finals Reward that celebrates the NBA champions and captures their playoff run.

Fans who collect and lock all eight (8) Playoff Moments in addition to the winning team’s two Redemptions will earn the NBA Finals Moment Reward.Rare Set Locking RewardFans who collect and lock the complete 2024 Best of NBA Playoffs Rare set (all 30 Rare Moments) will earn a guaranteed right to purchase a 2024 NBA Finals Legendary pack after the Finals wraps in June. The guaranteed purchase will be made available via email using a direct purchase link.The Champion’s Path + Rare Path Locking RewardFor those who are up for the challenge, the reward is Legendary. Each collector who completes and locks both the Fandom and Rare Paths (see below) from the NBA Champion team will earn one (1) free airdrop of a 2024 NBA Finals Legendary pack.

Fandom (11 collectibles locked)
- 8 Playoff Moments from NBA champion
- 2 Fandom Redemptions from the NBA champion
- 1 NBA Finals Moment Reward

Rare (5 collectibles locked)

Can a Redemption be redeemed in any round of the Playoffs?

Redemptions can be used to redeem a Moment from any round of the NBA Playoffs for the player (ex. Star Duo Redemption) or team (ex. Denver Nuggets Wild Card Redemption) they correspond to.

The Redemptions you find in your packs or purchase in the Marketplace can be used in the First Round, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals, and NBA Finals, so long as that team is still playing in that round.

When you use a Redemption, it is permanently destroyed, and you will receive the Moment in its place.

If I have a First Round Moment, can I redeem it for an NBA Conference Finals Moment?

No. The only way to redeem an NBA Conference Finals Moment would be either through redeeming the Redemption or redeeming a Moment from the Conference Semi-Finals. You can only redeem a Moment from the exact previous round.

Redemption OR Round 1 -> Round 2 Moments
Redemption OR Round 2 -> Round 3 Moments
Redemption OR Round 3 -> Round 4 Moments

You cannot redeem a Round 1 Moment -> Round 3 Moment. For these reasons, if you believe a team will advance deep into the Playoffs and want to own one of each of their Moments, you can collect multiple Redemptions for that team — giving you direct access to own one of every amazing play they make, rather than trading and sacrificing one for the next.

How do Wild Cards work?

A Wild Card Redemption can be used in any round of the Playoffs for the team they represent.

The Moment created using your Wild Card can be redeemed 1:1 for the Wild Card Moment of that team’s player in the subsequent round.

So, hypothetically, a First Round Derrick White Moment could be used to redeem a Conference Semifinals Kristaps Porziņģis Moment, and a Conference Semifinals Kristaps Porzingis Moment could be used to redeem a Conference Finals Jrue Holiday Moment.

If any role player creates an unforgettable highlight worthy of becoming a Moment, the player can earn a Wild Card more than once during the 2024 NBA Playoffs.

What can I do with my unused redemptions?

After the conclusion of each series in the NBA Playoffs, collectors will have the opportunity to burn 2024 NBA Playoff collectibles from every team that’s eliminated from the Playoffs.

For example, suppose the Dallas Mavericks beat the Los Angeles Clippers in the First Round. In that case, collectors can burn 2024 NBA Playoff collectibles from the Clippers and compete for NBA Finals Quick Rip pack prizes via a Leaderboard.

How do I qualify for the NBA Finals Experience Sweepstakes?

Every NBA Top Shot Fandom or Rare Pack you purchase will give you one entry into the NBA Finals Sweepstakes (2 Finals Tickets + $1000 Travel credit). The Sweepstakes is open to all collectors, domestic and international. The pack price does not determine the number of entries you receive. One purchase is one entry, no matter the cost.

Every collector will have their total Pack purchase number tallied, and be entered into a random drawing. See the official rules here.

Will the Redemptions of 2024 NBA Champions get a Championship Badge? Will the Redemption of the NBA MVP get an MVP Badge?

The answer to both questions is yes.

The Player Redemption (and corresponding 2024 Playoffs Moments) of the championship team will have a Championship Badge.

The Wild Card Redemption (and corresponding 2024 Playoffs Moments) of a championship team will have a Championship Badge.

Can Rookies get Moments in the playoffs?

Rookies will only be eligible for playoff Moments in the rare tier. We’ll let the action on the court dictate the outcome. However, we are not actively looking to give a rookie a Playoff Moment unless warranted.

Can a player get both a Fandom and Rare Moment from the same Round?

No. If a player has a Moment that is designated for the Rare set Best of 2024 NBA Playoffs set, they will not have a Fandom Moment in the 2024 NBA Playoffs set from that round.

How can I keep track of how many Redemptions there are?

Before Redeeming a Moment, you should be able to see how many other Redemptions have been redeemed by looking at the bottom of each play in the Redemptions Hub. This tally will continuously update to provide clarity to the current mint count of the Moment.

After Redeeming a Moment, you will be able to confirm your Moment has been redeemed via a green tally in the top left of the play in the Redemptions Hub, confirming how many Moments you've redeemed.

Will every Moment be a single Play?

We’ll let the action on the court dictate the outcome of what becomes a Moment. It’s possible that a player’s Moment is a Reel, or that a Wild Card Moment ends up being attributed to a team instead of a player!

Will Redemptions affect my Team Checklists?

Completing a Series 2023/24 Team Checklist will not require Redemptions. You can complete a Team Checklist with any Moment from the players on these teams.

Can you gift Redemptions?

Yes, Redemptions can be given and received as gifts, using all the same options as the current gifting feature for Moments.

Will Redemptions have serial numbers? Will the Moments we redeem have serial numbers?

Redemptions will have serial numbers.

The Moments you redeem using your Redemptions will also have random serial numbers.

There is no direct relationship between the serial number of your Redemption and the 2024 NBA Playoffs Moment you receive.